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The Barossa Eye Clinic is a comprehensive ophthalmology practice, with emphasis on cataract, macula, oculoplastic and glaucoma surgery. We pride ourselves in premium medical and surgical care of ocular diseases.

Dr Deric De Wit

We work closely with all referring optometrists and general practitioners to ensure good communication and ultimately a safer and more rewarding patient journey.

We are confident that you will find our state-of-the-art facility and friendly staff easy and pleasurable to work with. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best and most up to date methods of treating ocular disease and are dedicated to working with you in offering the best possible pre and post-operative care.

We understand that high quality timely communication with referring providers is paramount. We have invested in human and technological resources devoted to make this happen.


  • Discounted Pensioner Rate.
  • Streamlined and tailored referrals with Oculo and Health link
  • Low waiting times
  • Ease of access for patients from all over Adelaide with clinics at Gawler,  Elizabeth and Stirling
  • We are establishing our own local charity to work closely with existing eye care related charities for the people of South Australia. We will continue supporting Cathedral Eye Research Foundation.


Cataract Surgery

  • Micro-incisional clear corneal with topical or local anaesthesia

Premium Cataract Service

  • We can offer laser-assisted, toric, multifocal toric and complex Bioptix corneal/lens corrections
  • As a refractive and corneal surgeon my outcomes must suit the patients lifestyle – often this is possible without any additional cost at all.

Macula Service

  • Macula Degeneration/Vein Occlusions/Diabetic retinopathy (Assessment and local treatment)
  • Epiretinal membrane, retinal tears, macula dystrophys, floater vitreolysis – treatment
  • Genetic screening
  • Advanced testing

Glaucoma Service

  • Assessment, medical and laser treatment
  • Much experience in treating topical medication allergy/peri-orbitopathy which affects almost every patient on prostaglandin analogues (Lumigan, Ganfort, Xalacom, Xalatan, Saflutan)
  • iStent MIGS a the time of cataract surgery
  • Advanced non-penetrating Canaloplasty surgery
  • Trabeculectomy with antimetabolites
  • Tube shunt surgery (Ahmed Valve)
  • Bleb revision, Laser Nd:Yag rattle, Laser PI and Trabeculoplasty

Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease

  • Assessment - advanced internationally derived algorithms
  • Cacichol Mimetic from France, Amniotic membrane from New Zealand, Autologous blood locally

Watery Eye

  • Assessment. Advanced scintillography and dacryocystograms are rarely needed
  • Treatment Minor lid surgeries  , DCR External/laser or endonasal

Corneal Disease (Herpetic, Ocular surface neoplasia, Infections)

  • Assessment - Advanced with wavefront mapping and histology
  • Crosslinking for Keratoconus
  • Corneal grafts (advanced DMEK, DSAEK, DALK)
  • Advanced treatment for ocular rosacea (keratitis)
  • Marginal keratitis treatment

Complex anterior segment reconstruction

  • Assessment
  • Treatment (Wavefront Measurements, Iris clip lenses, Morcher Rings/Scleral sutured lenses and iris reconstruction)


  • Assessment and imaging topography (corneal astigmatism map)
  • Treatment (Glue and suture free +/- amniotic membrane if severe)
  • We offer refractive supplementary treatments for free to maximize uncorrected vision and use a demographic linked protocol with patients age, Fitzpatrick grading and keloid potential)

Oculoplastic Ptosis

  • Assessment
  • All techniques offered and tailored to patient from aponeurotic advancement to full frontalis brow suspensions or Whitnalls ligations for congenital ptosis


  • Assessment
  • Full expertise with special attention to aesthetics delivered to both upper and lower lids
  • Fat repositioning in select cases
  • Festoon removal
  • Xanthelasma laser treatment and excision

Brow Ptosis and Palsy

  • Assessment
  • Cosmetic treatment privately funded
  • Gold weight and individually tailored surgeries in conjunction with plastic surgeon

Basal Cell Carcinoma

  • Assessment
  • Treatment with margin control

Squamous Cell and Sebaceous Cell Carcinoma

  • Assessment and biopsy
  • Treatment with margin control


  • Assessment
  • Treatment using all techniques including autologous cartilage and conjunctival graft for severe cicatrical ectropion


  • Assessment and urgent temporary treatment
  • Definitive surgical treatment

Thyroid Eye Disease Service

  • Assessment and biological profiling
  • Treatment  (All conservative up to squint, lid retraction release).

Floppy Eyelid

  • Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Sleep studies (Genesis Home Studies)

Hydroxychloroquine Screening

  • Assessment with perimetry and Swept Source OCT

Low Vision Clinic

  • Assessment
  • Clinic and support

All premium services are fully disclosed and all treatment possibilities discussed. Together with a fully informed patient we choose a treatment pathway with expected outcomes carefully discussed.

We understand that caring for patients well requires talent, experience and patience. We choose our onward referring physicians with care just like you. We are confident that you will find working with us a rewarding experience for both you and your patient.

We look forward to establishing a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with you and your patients. Our protocols are all open and our shared care programmes help build a continuity of care in this community.

We establish co-management protocols for each referring party – please contact us if you have feedback or wishes we can look into,


Deric de Wit

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